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Rainbow Kids is the new children’s title from bestselling author Petrea King. Following the great success of You, Me and the Rainbow in 2005, Petrea continues the tradition of blending her healing rainbow ritual with a fresh, beautiful story that will appeal to both boys and girls. Featuring new and colourful characters from all around the world, the book follows the stories of these children as they try to remember who sent the first rainbow. The story ends with Mariah – the girl from the first book – and the search is complete

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About the book:

Yoshi has been sending rainbows for as long as he can remember. Each night he sends a rainbow to his beloved great grandmother Nin Nin, who died last year. As he lies in his bed he imagines being surrounded by a bright rainbow, breathing in all its colours and feeling them gathering in his heart. He blesses them with love and sends the other end of the rainbow to Nin Nin, taking her peace and happiness. He knows that life is a bit like a balloon – a beautiful, vibrant thing when filled with air, but just a piece of rubber when it is emptied. It is the air that makes it special, just as it is the spirit that makes the person special and Nin Nin’s spirit is now in all the beautiful things he can see.

But who else sends rainbows? And who first thought of the idea? Together with his friend Bernadette who told him of the idea, he asks all his friends – Matteo and Joss, Linh and Thanh, Mustafa, and Mariah, all of whom have also been sending rainbows as long as they can remember. No matter who you are, or why you want to send a message, you can send someone a rainbow and feel better for having done so.

Who will you send a rainbow to, today?